I Miss My Training

Yep. A few months ago I never would have imagined that I would actually miss working out, but it’s true. I’ve been plagued with foot pain ever since I got back from visiting my brother in Seattle. I thought it would go away, but eventually saw a doctor who ordered both an X-Ray and MRI. There were no broken bones and no fractures, just inflammation and fluid build up in my sesamoid joint. Delightful.

I’m so glad it’s not fractured, but it still hurts and I still have to stay off it. This has put a damper in my working out, which I hate. There’s no excuse for not swimming though, so starting this week I’m going to get in the pool at least three times. That’s my goal. The doctor said I could run under water, so maybe I’ll swim and do some underwater running to just keep my body in some semblance of running shape.

My plan was to compete in anther tri tomorrow, but obviously that’s not happening. So, then I thought that I’d do a few 5K’s this fall and winter just to keep in shape. Plus, the run is the hardest part for me, so I really want to get it down before tri season starts up again. But, who knows how long this foot will take to heal! It’s so frustrating! So, I guess I’ve just got to swim now, then get back into biking in another week or two, and then hopefully be running by the end of the month. This is not the end of my triathlon journey!